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What a Head Hunter Is Not Telling the Average Client

Large recruiting firms such as Tangent Corporation are spending countless hours every day searching for the perfect candidates for every client, and they are using time-honored techniques that are not revealed to their clients. Clients may learn quite a lot of if they read through this article as it explains what recruiters do every day, and the information gleaned will help move along the next hiring process. Searching for a new executive is simple given the proper parameters.

#1: The Recruiters Already Know the Candidates

The recruiters like Nels Olson who are successful know the majority of their candidates the moment they are hired for the job. Many phone calls may be made in the first few hours after the recruiter is hired, and the phone calls will reach out to several people who may be perfect for the job. Tangent Corporation associates have many people to call when a client is looking for a new executive, and many of these executives have been vetted for other jobs.

#2: The Interviews Happen In Many Settings

The interviews for the executives are held in as many settings as the head hunter can stand. Interviews are held over dinner, over lunch, over coffee, in the office, in the park and in a secondary location comfortable for both parties. Head hunters get to know their candidates in a number of different places, and the interviews all add up to a single score that distinguishes one candidate from another.

#3: Head Hunters Do Not Have Preferences

Head hunters typically bring their clients two or three candidates who would be perfect for a job, and the client must make the final decision. Head hunters are not comfortable telling their clients who to hire specifically because that interferes with the process. Head hunters merely find the finest candidates, and the clients must be responsible for hiring one person over another.

#4: The Process Varies In Length

A proper head hunter does not have an idea how long the recruiting process will take. Head hunters are at the mercy of the schedules of their candidates, and vetting may take time is thorough research is required into a candidate’s past. Head hunters move at a pace that is appropriate for every hire, but they do not follow a formula.

The head hunting process completed by companies such as Tangent Corporation varies for every job. Clients must be quite patient as head hunters work in a field that has its trade secrets.

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DC companies involved in government real estate construction

DC companies involved in government real estate construction have one of the world’s best places to display new designs. Frank L. Haney and other residents moving through the area cannot help being awed by the mixture of new and renovated structures in the Washington DC area.

Government Property Development:

The infrastructure of the Washington market is changing. Contractors are building properties with improved imagination. In some structures, maintaining historical integrity is requires, and important to the integrity of the capitol city. Therefore, any company building in the DC area must be versed on the codes of the city.

The JBG Company is a private entity that develops property in Washington DC locations. This company is partially responsible for an abundance of gorgeous hotels in the city. The Westin Arlington Gateway and the Marriot Wardman Park are only examples of skillfully designed structures rising along the city skyline. Companies building in the city understand permit requirements, zoning regulations and licenses.

Washington Entertains and Relaxes:

Recreation and relaxation are important factors in the halls of government. General Contractors Toossi & Associates add decks and other building necessities to homes and businesses. Restoring cherished spaces is very much a part of the building process in Washington. Historical homes with beautiful woodcarving, moldings and banister work remain in the area, due to the skill of qualified DC companies involved in government real estate construction.

The Peter Companies is changing the canvas of the city with developed residential and commercial properties. Office complexes and a large number of upscale homes are credited to this developer, Tyson Mclean Office Park, National Harbor, Washington Center and multiple other developments stand to recommend this builder. These residences and businesses are designed with decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, solariums and gazebos, offering every structural amenity.

Infuse New and Old:

Ideas are the beginning of a great construction project. For those interested in building in the Washington DC areas, bring new ideas to blend with old, and watch skilled craftsmen turn creative concept into fully developed structures. The Winmar Construction, Pinkney Construction Group, LLC and PN Hoffman and Associates are very active in the Washington community. Building for the future while preserving the past, demonstrates the strong commitment to superior construction in the Washington DC community.

The city of Washington DC is beautiful. It has remained consistently, a place of continual rebirth, through the commitment of fine contractors; building and maintaining its structural integrity.

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Watch Your Consulting Business Grow!

Finance consultant is a profession that’s more important than ever. The information technology revolution and the Internet have greatly increased the demand for technological solutions and products, and its finance leaders who help grease the wheels to make sure those start-up companies get going and succeed. Also, there’s a lot of money in the world seeking to find productive outlets. Communism in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe is gone. China is communist in name, but capitalism in practice. The developing world is building wealth. Everybody needs money. Everybody needs advise on how to manage their money, as individuals and as businesses. Everybody needs professional financial services.

However, although business schools teach a lot, they cannot fully train a professional financial consultant or advisor. Therefore, the firms are doing it themselves. The CAPCO program is one of these.

CAPCO Associate Talent Program

The CAPCO Associate Talent Program (ATP) trains promising young leaders who are still new to consulting so they have the skills they need to perform. The new associates learn about the challenges financial institutions have to deal with. They must understand the regulatory framework the government requires them to work within. They looked for both new university graduates as well as more experienced people who wish to move up in their career. After their initial training, they are assigned to a team working on an actual client project.

Charles Schwab Financial Consultant Academy

Charles Schwab run Financial Consultant Academy to train new consultants. Schwab has two operating divisions. Investor Services is for individuals who need their financial banking, brokerage and insurance services. Investment advisors work with Schwab’s Institutional Services, and may help with administering benefit plans. For seven years in a row, Charles Schwab has selected by Military Times as one of the 75 Best Employers for Vets.

Merrill Lynch Practice Management Development

Merrill Lynch uses its Practice Management Development (PMD) program to train new financial advisors. PMD has been in place since 1946, so it’s developed and progressed a lot over the years. It gives new advisors the skills and knowledge they need to build, grow and manage a wealth management practice. They must learn how to acquire and keep clients. Merrill Lynch is also part of Bank of America, so the program includes banking as well. It lasts 43 months. It includes preparation for the required exams, Series 7 and Series 66.

New trainees can choose between the PMD Financial Advisor, Team Financial Advisor and Bank Team Financial Advisor programs.

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DC Metro area executive recruiters

Executives are critical to the success of a company. In Washington DC, Nels Olson’s executive recruiters are a striving to attract excellent executives. These executive must deal with complex organizational structures and have a commitment to excellence. Executives, who are brilliant in their fields, tend to have superb professional skills and education. These individuals also have outstanding personality traits, and work well with others. It is the job of Washington DC executive recruiters to find the perfect executive for each client’s company.

Characteristic of Outstanding Executives

You may not be familiar with the important role of executive recruiters and the skills they bring to the clients. They play an important role in the DC community matching executives to exciting well-paying national and international companies.
Below is a list of professional skills and personality traits of exceptional characteristics which high performing executive’s exhibit.

Professional Skills and Education:
• Expertise in the field through achieving higher education,
• Publications and conference presentations,
• Comfort with innovative ideas that go beyond the edge,
• Working well within the philosophy of the organization.
Personality Traits of Executives:
• Works well with others and brings teams together,
• Able to meet with employees and guide them in achieving greater accomplishments than the employee could achieve on their own,
• Resiliency to take on difficult challenges and persist despite obstacles until the goals are accomplished.

Clients Wishes and Needs

The client comes to the Washington DC Executive Recruiting Firm. It is up to the executive recruiters to work with the client in an open and candid fashion. The executive recruiters have the responsibility of educating the client on the services of their company. This responsibility includes careful client interviewing to determine what the client needs in terms of an executive. The recruiter takes the time and effort to study the client’s business so that the recruiter can zero in on the goals and objectives of the client’s company. Only that way does the recruiter best determine what academic and interpersonal executive traits and skills are needed to advance the client’s company’s goals. The recruiter partners with the client to find the superb executive to make a significant long term contribution to the company.

Philosophy and Methods of DC Recruitment Firms

1. Lucas Group Executive Recruiters: The Lucas Group has successfully recruited top level executives. They attribute their success to their reaching out to and maintaining relationship with industries in the Washington area as well as nationally, which gives them access to a pool of elite expert executives. The Lucas Group pride themselves on their experience of successfully matching superior job seekers with companies.
2. BattaliaWinston Executive Recruiters: BattaliaWinston is headquartered in Washington DC. The conduct executive searches in early stage companies as well as Fortunate 500 worldwide companies, and they are recognized experts in every major industry. They pride themselves on being partners for growth with their clients.
3. The McCormick Group: The McCormick Group is located in the Washington DC area. Their unique feature is that they are the largest independent executive placement firm.

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Parties Invovled in Building the Dulles Greenway Toll Road

Washington, D.C. is a very busy city. With its many inhabitants, people working there often find it difficult to find decent housing, especially for Frank Haney. Fortunately, many of the city’s employees have found excellent housing in the nearby state of Virginia where beautiful homes and good educational facilities are available. One of the things that have made it easy for them to travel from Washington, D.C. to their Virginia home is the Dulles Greenway Toll Road. This road runs between Washington, D.C. and Leesburg, Virginia and is an extension of the Dulles Toll Road, which opened for traffic in 1984.

The Dulles Greenway Toll Road has a fascinating history. Located between Leesburg and the Dulles Airport, it has proved to be a convenient road with no stop lights, making it possible to make the trip in 15 minutes. It is Virginia’s first private road since 1816 and was possible because of the Virginia Highway Act of 1988.

This toll road is privately owned by Toll Road Investors Partnership II (also called TRIP II). It began operating in 1995. Obtaining regular financing, the investment group purchased the land from the original owners so no eminent domain was involved. As a private entity, they must pay yearly property taxes, which totaled $3.28 million in 2013.

Drivers on the toll road are able to obtain what is called Smart-Tag/EZPass. This service is maintained at a center owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation. TRIP II must pay a fee for every time a driver uses one of these passes.

Motorists establish a pre-paid account and then place an E-ZPass transponder on their license plate or inside their windshield. Every time they travel the road, the toll is deducted from their account. These E-ZPasses are also valid on other toll roads in several states.

Conveniences of the road include grade intersections, six lanes in most places and a divided thoroughfare. It has proved itself an excellent commuter road between Leesburg, Virginia and Washington, D.C.. Loudoun County, Virginia, where Leesburg is located, is rated as one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. and is drawing many people from the Washington, D.C. area. For driver’s convenience, during off hours a lower toll is offered.

The Dulles Greenway toll road has proved itself by providing a means of quick transportation from one point to another. This is especially true of travelers seeking the convenience of the Dulles International Airport for airline transportation

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‘The View’ loses two national advertisers after mocking nurses

Two major national advertisers pulled out of ABC’s “The View” Thursday amid fallout over a poorly received jibe about nurses on the daytime talk show earlier this week.

The announcement by Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best stems from the on-camera mockery of Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson’s nursing-themed monologue and attire during Sunday’s Miss America pageant.

Johnson, who completed her nursing degree in April, had appeared on stage in a purple nurse’s scrub and stethoscope to deliver an emotional monologue about her chosen profession.

But “View” co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy Behar’s proved they didn’t have their fingers on the right pulse. First, Collins mocked Johnson for making a heartfelt speech about nursing as part of the talent portion of the evening.

“Shockingly (she) did not win,” Collins said sarcastically.

Behar went further.

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” Behar asked.

The comments prompted a social media backlash under the hashtag #NursesUnited.

Behar and Collins apologized on Wednesday’s show, but it wasn’t enough to save ads from the pharmaceutical giant.

“Johnson & Johnson values and appreciates nurses and we respect the critical role they play in our health care system,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “We disagree with recent comments on daytime television about the nursing profession and we have paused our advertising accordingly.”

Eggland’s Best followed, adding “in light of the comments … we will no longer be advertising on the show in question.”

Nurses appreciated that someone was attending to their hurt feelings.

Source: NY Daily News


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Good behavior is your most valuable travel asset

Don’t forget to pack your manners. Not because polite travelers are treated better, but because impolite ones are treated worse.

Much worse sometimes.

Just ask Olivia Perez, a yoga instructor from New York, who recently found herself in a long line to buy tickets for the Colosseum in Rome. Several guests grew impatient and started shoving and yelling.

“A frustrated security guard guided us to another section where we’d be first in line for tickets,” she remembers. The pushy tourists? Left to bake under the Roman sun.

Rude people are treated rudely. It seems so obvious, but in the tourism business, it isn’t. Airlines, hotels and cruise lines want you to think you’ll always be served with professionalism, particularly when you flash a platinum card in their faces. But that’s nonsense. No one wants to see obnoxiousness rewarded.

Good behavior may be your most valuable asset on the road — more important than your connections, the color of your card or even the amount of cash you paid for your transportation or lodging.

Now, more than ever, travelers “push their expectation of good treatment,” observes Sioux Messinger, who runs a corporate training company in Sonoma, Calif.  “The receiving party then reflexively pulls back and often responds in a passive-aggressive way. Fair? Maybe not. But no one likes to be told what to do.”

Hospitality insiders would never admit to punishing a rude guest, at least not to someone like me. But with a little prodding, they’ll admit that unfriendly travelers don’t get the red carpet treatment.

Stephen Fofanoff, the innkeeper at Domaine Madeleine Bed & Breakfast in Port Angeles, Wash., remembers one guest who arrived late with an unexpectedly large entourage.

Continue to the full article

Source: USA Today

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Investing in Small Business Makes Good Economic and Business Sense

Communities and organizations that invest in small businesses are more likely to see a revitalization of their community. By investing in small business local governments also see increased revenue, less crime and more involvement in the community. Small businesses drive the economic engine of their local communities by providing jobs and much needed services. New small businesses that are geared towards the economic growth and stability of the community often spur other businesses to come to the community to start their businesses.

Government programs like the Small Business Association (SBA) help investors and small business owners work on the logistics of promoting and starting a small business. Venture Capital programs are designed to help new businesses get launched quickly and are usually backed by angel investors. Communities and cities across the country often get actively involved in community projects and real estate expansion through a combination of private venture capitalists and government entities like the CAPCO program in DC.

The CAPCO program in DC allows insurance companies in the DC area to take a tax credit in exchange for supporting the growth of small businesses in the area. Community & Economic Development organizations utilize the funding of many venture capitalists and philanthropists to develop and revitalize communities. These investors believe in the communities they serve and are willing to support programs that help their communities grow.

A growing and active community provides needed employment for everyone and supports its citizens with needed services. Investing in small businesses that provide those services makes good business sense. Consequently the more venture capital is available and used; the more benefits the surrounding community will see.

Venture capitalists often see the big picture of what the small business plans to do for the community at large. Commitment to what the community plans to do and how the small business will fit into that plan quite often is a huge driver for investors. That’s why venture capitalists need to see and catch the vision before they invest. A small business that hasn’t a good plan on how they will serve the community won’t last very long. It is essential that investors have a clear understanding of how the small business will profit and contribute to the community’s growth.

It makes good economic sense for a community to consider the revenue stream along with what the business will contribute to the community in tangible services and products. Small businesses that have a target market and are selling products and services the community needs will do much better than small businesses that don’t fill that need.

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Using Social Media To Find Executive Jobs

Have you recently been laid off by your long term employer, Nels Olson knows the feeling? Or maybe you feel your job has become stale and stifling so you’ve lost your passion for it. Even worse, perhaps you were passed over for a promotion and it’s time to move on. When it comes to finding what you’re looking for, there is no doubt that Korn/Ferry International has the answers. This is no different when it comes to finding a new job and let’s face it, in today’s technological world, social media is everywhere. Which in this case, can be an incredibly useful tool for you.

Networking with Korn/Ferry has always been a great way to secure employment. Your friends or family may work in or with different businesses or industries. Through others they might hear about a business or company that’s in need of quality employees. A business that might align with your interests, skillsets, or educational background. This creates a network of people that you can further develop by showcasing your skills and ideas for. This way, if an opportunity presents itself you’ll be sure to hear to about it whether your currently employed or not. Following up on these leads creates a level of recognition through your reputation, so that even if this opportunity doesn’t work out you’ll be kept in mind for others.

With social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn it can be easy to connect with people that work in an industry you want to be a part of. Not just locally but globally and not just a few, but dozens or even hundreds of people expanding your network exponentially. These are people you had no way of reaching before. You can then initiate a dialog with them allowing you to get more information or just let them know you are interested in any opportunities that might be available. Instead of scouring the city looking for leads they are now right there in your news feed or status updates. You can mingle with CEO’s and top performers in a company without having to know them in person and they can see what you’re capable of by looking at your profile and other connections you might have made. Your experience and skill can be updated and viewed in real-time, virtually from any location with the help of apps and smart devices, keeping you fresh in the mind of prospective employers. Don’t miss out on the incredible new ways social media can work for you to land your next big executive position.

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Apple Breaks Silence About Dr. Dre

Apple has broken its silence on Dr. Dre’s alleged assault of female TV host Dee Barnes in 1991.

Both Apple and Dr. Dre have issued statements to The New York Times after rising criticism that the recent film “Straight Outta Compton” — which tells the story of Dre’s N.W.A. rap group — failed to mention the alleged assault.

“Dre has apologized for the mistakes he’s made in the past and he’s said that he’s not the same person that he was 25 years ago,” Apple said in its statement.

“We believe his sincerity and after working with him for a year and a half, we have every reason to believe that he has changed.”

Dre issued a similar statement, highlighting his remorse:

“Twenty-five years ago I was a young man drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life. However, none of this is an excuse for what I did. I’ve been married for 19 years and every day I’m working to be a better man for my family, seeking guidance along the way. I’m doing everything I can so I never resemble that man again. I apologize to the women I’ve hurt. I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.”

Andre Young, or Dr. Dre as he’s famously known, became one of Apple’s newest hires last May when the company purchased Beats Electronics for $3 billion, which he cofounded with renowned record executive Jimmy Iovine.

The New York Times describes Dre’s position at Apple as a “top consultant.”

Dee Barnes, the woman who Dre allegedly assaulted in 1991, hosted a show about hip-hop on Fox called “Pump It Up!” Barnes recently wrote a column for Gawker in which she recollected her experience and reflected on the film.

Dr. Dre is said to have attacked Barnes because of a segment that aired on her show in late 1990 in which rapper Ice Cube, previously part of N.W.A., insulted his former colleagues.

Find the full article here.

Source: Business Insider

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